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Family History

John Viviano Sr. arrived in St. Louis in 1926. He began his new life as many other Italian immigrants did. He worked with his family at the macaroni factory in downtown St. Louis.

John was fortunate to find a woman who would be his wife for more than 50 years. She was the American born daughter of Italian immigrants and she understood life on the Hill. They married in 1929 just as the Depression was beginning.

John's job at the factory didn't provide enough money for his fledgling family. He began to make bleach in his bathtub at home and sold it to neighborhood businesses. He added cheeses and other food products as his business grew. He soon opened a small store in 1950, by 1979 he sought a larger location for his growing business.

The store is now run by John's Grandsons, John Jr. and Tony, who have been fortunate enough to celebrate over 65 years in business thanks to loyal customers like you!  We hope to provide our vast inventory of fine Italian foods for many more years to come.



 Original owners John (L) and Angelina Viviano (middle)


Brothers John Viviano, Jr. and Tony Viviano